Who we are?


    We are firm established in 2003, and since then we have lot of realized projects at home and also across Europe.

    Main thing that make us different from others is handmade wrought iron gates, fences, stairs, canopys, furniture, decorative elements.


    Wrought iron can fit in your environment regardless do you need  fence , gate some furniture or just some decoration

    One of most beautiful things on your house for sure will be wrought iron gate or fence.

    One of first materials that man start to processed and adjusts to his needs , was just iron .

    Wrought iron started very fast to use for diferent purpose , from tools ,  weapons and house needs

    In the beginning , wrought iron was privilege of rich people . That spirit of luxury is still preserved

    Today , good craftsman must be and  designer and artist at same time. Beside  wrought iron ,  by the order , we make constructions.  

    Recently , very popular , world wide trend is industrial design .

    In that style , we can make a variety of chairs , tables , lamps , shelves and what ever you can think of and from ever you think of . Industrial design originality is fact that is possible  from scratch make something new , useful and nice

    The main goal is to make something new and unique every time . During production , you are welcome to make suggestions  , say your wishes and ideas .

    If you want by your self to make something , don’t hesitate to contact us for standard or custom made wrought iron elements

    For all questions , explanations or just advice , just contact us. Everything you can imagine , we can make and more .


    kovano gvožđe